Carol Platt Liebau: Not a Fair Fight

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not a Fair Fight

Support Jim Talent in Missouri, of course -- but please, please support Michael Steele, running for the Senate in Maryland, too.

He's wiped the floor with Ben Cardin this morning on "Meet the Press." Cardin is an embarassment, and Steele is passionate, assertive, articulate and intelligent. It wasn't even a fair fight. Among other things, Steele called Cardin on his call to defund the war if the Democrats take Congress, and Cardin had nowhere to hide. Priceless.

Tim Russert pressed Steele on whether he was a "Bush Republican." Steele told him that he was a "Lincoln Republican." Game, set, match.

There aren't many mornings when I giggle with glee when listening to "Meet the Press." Today has been one of them. Check out the transcript here.

Michael Steele's campaign manager certainly got it right:

Evidently, skipping the NAACP debate with Michael Steele on Thursday still did not give the Congressman enough time to study the issues.


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