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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Support the Troops!

This time, we're talking WWII vets.

Friends of mine -- wonderful people -- have created a new charitable foundation called Dentistry United for WWII Vets. The primary objective is to provide dental care to the aging WWII vet population throughout the State of California who don't have the means to maintain their own health. Many of the pieces are in place to begin the program by early next year.

They're holding the kick-off event to finance the program. Here's the info:

Celebration US…Oh! - a USO-style live musical review.

Date: Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 10th

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Place: The Richard and Karen Carpenter Theatre in Long Beach.

Please consider supporting this worthy cause. If you want more information, email me at, and I'll be happy to provide it.


Blogger Duke-Stir said...

I had a feeling you would decline to approve my post pointing out the way we treat our cherished veterans after they've outlived their "usefulness."

Hide behind them when they're fighting your ill-conceived war; turn your back on them when they come home needing medical and dental care, forcing many to rely on the charity of others. But I get it: there are no tax write-offs (or personal accolades) to be had for paying for VA benefits up-front like there are for "donating" to take care of the same needs.

You're a class act, Carol, and quite the spinmeistress to boot. And just as I predicted, necrosis has set in on your blog. Just in time too, because you are about to become even more irrelevant.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

You assume a lot, duke. You assume that Carol has ulterior motives in supporting this effort. You want to complain about the VA? Well wise guy, there's your example of federally run health care. What's your problem? Ain't good enough for ya? How, exactly, are YOU supporting our veterans? You were right in one place. Carol IS a class act, but you're an insulting boor. Get some class yourself, pal, and try conversing in a more civil manner. Your tough guy behind the keyboard doesn't impress, it only annoys. But, BTW, if you had another post that was not approved, it was most likely more arrogantly rude than the one to which I have responded.

10:51 PM  

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