Carol Platt Liebau: No Compromise

Sunday, September 17, 2006

No Compromise

The Bush Administration is talking like it might compromise with the McCain, Graham, Warner contingent on legislation establishing guidelines for the interrogation and trial of terrorist detainees.

Please, Mr. President, don't give away the store. You are right on this topic and McCain et al are wrong. What's more, the American people are with you. So please, please do what it takes to secure the authorization to take the measures that are necessary to keep America safe.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

Isn't McCain a little too close to the torture issue to be allowed to participate in debate? Can he reason clearly having been a victim of torture?

11:02 PM  
Blogger eLarson said...

From a CBC story here:
North Vietnam did not follow the Geneva Convention, because, it in its view, the conflict in Vietnam was an "undeclared war." (Not sure who the CBC is quoting there.)

If a foe of the US simply decides that the conflict at-hand is an "undeclared war" they will (and have, as Sen. McCain can attest) ignore the Geneva Conventions.

Al Qaeda In Iraq has routinely ignored the Geneva Conventions (unless I missed the sawing-the-heads-off-captives clause).

2:18 PM  

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