Carol Platt Liebau: An Iraqi's Plea

Monday, August 21, 2006

An Iraqi's Plea

There's something that's more than a little sad about the fact that Iraq's ambassador to the United States effectively has to beg the cut-and-run contingent to continue supporting democracy in Iraq, as he does today on the op/ed page of The Washington Post. I wish that one of the Schumers, Hagels or Lamonts would take a moment to respond to an appeal like this one -- let them tell an Iraqi patriot that they've decided that Iraq is either incapable or unworthy of a functioning democracy.

What's likewise noteworthy is that the Iraqi ambassador understands the stakes for the United States better than many liberal American politicians:

There would also be the psychological impact of the perceived defeat for America. That would encourage all the enemies of the United States -- and they are many -- to be bolder and readier to challenge its interests everywhere. A new super-radical, geographically contiguous bloc would be born: Iran, Syria and a radicalized, totalitarian, fragmented Iraq.

Too bad such a grasp of the obvious is in short supply on the left side of the aisle.


Blogger dodger said...

And furthermore the stickers asking us to "Support our Troops" should be unnecessary.

9:10 AM  
Blogger eLarson said...

It's a shame that lame Tony Orlando song got conflated with US troops overseas for that matter.

I could have sworn it was a song about a guy getting out of prison, rather than the military.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Editor said...

He seems pretty reasonable. I hope Bush approves the additional $ 1.6 trillion plan real soon.

9:53 AM  

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