Carol Platt Liebau: Talent-McCaskill

Monday, August 21, 2006


As this piece in US News & World Report points out, Missouri State Auditor Claire McCaskill is working hard to give Senator Jim Talent a tough race for reelection.

She's pretty much a typical liberal, although she's trying hard to conceal that fact, given that it doesn't play all that well in the Show-Me State. In this interview with lefty website My, she sounds like a lefty from start to finish, and even hails the existence of the lefty netroots as a great thing for America.

Amazingly, the press has allowed her to get away with portraying herself as "just one of the folks" despite the fact that she's from a family which, unlike Talent's, could afford to have her spend $1.6 million of family money on her unsuccessful 2004 race for governor. (It's hard to believe we wouldn't have heard more about it if she were a Republican, isn't it?)

It will be interesting to see if Missouri -- which is often a bellwether state -- really believes that Claire McCaskill has what it takes to serve as Missouri's first female senator elected in her own right. It's not yet clear to me that she has what it takes to create a real comfort level with her candidacy in rural Missouri, especially given her social views and her cut-and-run approach to Iraq.

But as the US News piece notes, she's working hard to link Senator Talent to George W. Bush. Well, turn and turn about's fair play -- and if Senator Talent is George Bush's twin, she's Ned Lamont's . . . in more ways than one.


Blogger Steve said...

There is not much of substance to your post --it's simply a statement of your dislike of what you think liberals are about.
You might have talked about Jim Talent's recent commercials touting him as a man of the people, while his voting record shows just the opposite: Talent voted for cutting taxes (HR 4297)on capital gains and dividends, which will cost the Federal treasury $70 billion over the next 5 years, and almost all of that will go to the wealthy. At the same time he voted to cut $40 billion from the budget by cutting programs for child support, welfare, and student loans. Then he voted to make it more difficult for people to declare bankruptcy and more difficult to file class action lawsuits against corporations.
So, I don't think much of Jim Talent as "a man of the common people".

On top of that, he still thinks that misconceived and still-born fiasco called Iraq was a great idea. He has supported policies that have greatly weakened our Army and thereby harmed our national security.

People are more and more realizing that they've been had by the Bush administration and by those, like Jim Talent, who have voted to support only the interests of the wealthy class in America. I don't think unthinking attacks like yours against "liberals" are going to provide sufficient cover anymore for the mischief and harm that Republicans have done to this country.
I am committed to political action to end Jim's career of helping the rich and hurting the less well off in our society.

All the best.

8:00 AM  

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