Carol Platt Liebau: War of Words

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War of Words

The incomparable James Taranto amplifies on the point I made here, yesterday, about the Democrats' strong opposition to Iraq's prime minister, even as they tolerate (even celebrate) predictable opponents of US foreign policy like Kofi Annan.

Read Taranto here.

It seems that a war of words is the only kind the Democrats know how to fight.


Blogger Dittohead said...

Carol, here is a little bit of reality for you to consider.

Maliki's party, the Iraqi Dawa, helped create the Lebanese Hezbollah in the early 1980s. Maliki was in charge of Dawa's cell in Damascus, which was "intimately involved" with Hezbollah.

Also just days ago, in England Maliki stated Israel was committing war crimes.

Of course his speech in a joint session of Congress was highly edited if not entirely written by the administration. He wouldn't know the right things to say on his own when asking Congress for more money and US soldiers to help in the Iraq CIVIL WAR.

It will be a crime of this century if Bush deploys troops to Isreal and also sends 20 yr old soldiers into a city in the midst of a civil war with 7 million, where they can't tell friend from foe.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

You see, ditto? You might have had something to consider, but then you went and threw in that unsubstantiated crack about the admin writing his speech. What a crock and proof of your wackiness. Many think Israel's response was excessive. So what? It's an opinion. And where did you get your info on Maliki, and what makes you believe that an Iraqi democracy hasn't replaced any previous notions of his? He was freely elected and thus far is an ally. He will be until he proves unworthy, just like anyone else. You, however, don't care about any of that. You're only interested in getting rid of Bush. Keep your knickers on. 2008 ain't that far off. He ain't leaving' any other way.

12:25 AM  

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