Carol Platt Liebau: Another Armchair Quarterback

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another Armchair Quarterback

This piece argues, in effct, that the US chose the wrong counry to fight, in confronting Iraq rather than Iran.

Ah, how convenient memories are. First, Iran and Iraq are both bad -- but as the author concedes, Iraq was the "low-hanging fruit" when it came to the axis of evil. Second and most importantly, Iraq was the country that had defied countless UN mandates. So if -- as all the resident "wise men" like this author declared at the time -- it was essential to have the UN's approval and support, it was most likely to be obtained for a country with terrorist ties that had, in fact, ignored UN mandates.

As it turned out, even that wasn't enough. So someone please explain how the US would have gained the UN okay for going after Iran. And explain why, if the US had done that, someone else wouldn't be asking why we didn't go after the dictator with ties to Al Qaeda, who was shooting at US overflights, subsidized suicide bombers, and was ignoring a host of UN mandates.


Blogger Cliff said...

John Mirtha wanted us to be
"nearby" in the event of an
uprising in the Middle East. Well, being in Iraq, puts us as near as we can get. Again, Iraq was the center of terrorism in the
Middle East, and we are exactly where we need to be. Brilliant military strategy!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

There's no pleasin' the left. The only thing that matters is getting rid of Bush. No move he makes, beyond resigning, will placate their irrational hatred.

11:50 PM  

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