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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Youth Culture

This account of the MTV Movie Awards strikes me as a sign our youth culture needs some rethinking:

[Jessica} Alba took home her own Golden Popcorn trophy for her sexy striptease performance in "Sin City."

"Thank you to all the perverts who voted for me," she said. "Thank you to the fans. I do movies for you. Practice safe sex and drive hybrids if you can."

A prize for a "sexy striptease"? Thanks to the "perverts"? And her only message is "practice safe sex" and "drive a hybrid"? How wholesome. Note that music videos (and thus MTV) are primarily targeted to youth between 12 and 19.

As I said, time for some rethinking and some rejuvenation.


Blogger RovingWireTap said...

I recall watching Pepe Le Pew as a five yr old, thinking there should be a law against his behavior. 25 yrs later all states had stalking laws.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Alan Kellogg said...

Pepe is a goofball. He's a schlemiel pure and simple. And he got A's in Gym.

Pepe le Pew is a fool for love, and as a fool he is allowed behavior that would get us in a lot of trouble. He is the little boy we all wish we could be. He is also a joyful fellow, always ready for the next romantic encounter, no matter how badly the last one turned out.

You can't really call what he does stalking. He isn't possessive, he just wants to say hello. To be friends and show the fair Mamselle a wonderful time. If it lasts, it lasts. If it does not, then "bon jour" and on to the next delightful maiden. It's not in Pepe to be vindictive. He is a lover and not an abuser.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Greg said...


6:03 AM  
Blogger wrabkin said...

Not to mention that Pepe le Pew is a much better actor than Jessica Alba!

1:48 PM  

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