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Monday, June 26, 2006

Pants on Fire

Not surprisingly, Treasury Secretary John Snow doesn't appear to agree with Bill Keller's characterization of the discussions between the Administration and The New York Times over the publication of the hitherto classified program. (HT: National Review).

Michael Barone notes that The New York Times appears to be at war with America, and what's more, makes a point that hasn't been made enough: "Members of Congress were briefed on the program". That in itself deeply undercuts another rationale put forth by Bill Keller in his ridiculously condescending letter (discussed on this site here) that "we hesitate to preempt the role of legislators . . . which cannot consider a program if they don't know about it." Apparently they did know about it, Mr. Keller.

He's hardly setting a standard for trustworthiness that would make anyone comfortable with his decision to substitute his national security judgment for the Administration's.


Blogger Dittohead said...

I saw Bush today on the television, at first I thought he was Nixon with the sweaty chin and squivering lips.

9:48 PM  
Blogger wrabkin said...

Odd... I seem to recall that the Wall Street Journal also published the story. Shouldn't you be calling for their heads, too?

Oh, that's right, I forgot -- if your team does it, it's okay, no matter what it is.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Duke-Stir said...

Carol? Are you there? What about the WSJ?

12:30 PM  

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