Carol Platt Liebau: Priorities, or Game Playing?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Priorities, or Game Playing?

On Fox News Sunday, Bill Frist announced that Republicans intend to bring to the Senate floor two amendments in the near future: One that would ban flag-burning, and one that would ban same-sex marriage.

Let's be clear: I'm inclined to give both issues a full and fair hearing. But it's so obvious, so patently obvious, that both issues are being brought up five months before the election for only one reason: To make up for lost time in convincing religious conservatives that there's a reason to turn out. It's little more than throwing a belated bone to the base.

Don't get me wrong. I'm going to turn out and vote for Republicans come November -- and I hope everyone will. But do senators not understand how this looks? How the scent of pandering fills one's nostrils? And what's most irritating about all of this is the assumption that the base won't understand what's going on.

Not only that, but -- as much as flag burning and gay marriage are important matters -- they aren't really the biggest immediate issues facing America today. And so one is also tempted to believe that they're being used as a way to avoid confronting the really big issues that matter, which are, in Hugh Hewitt's formulation: Winning the war, cutting the taxes, controlling the spending, and confirming the judges. Yes, and securing the border, too.

Get all that done -- and then bring on the constitutional amendments. We'll be ready.


Blogger Jessica said...

I agree with you about the flag burning amendment. I don't give two licks about that EVER coming up for a vote. And that's not because I support anyone in doing it, rather that I think there are always going to be much bigger issues to deal with.

However, the marriage amendment is a different story. While I agree with all the other issues mentioned are vital, I also happen to think this issue is as well. Families are the basic unit of any society. If we are not taking steps to preserve and protect marriage -- the basis of a family -- then we are headed for disaster.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Alan Kellogg said...

On Flag Burning

Burn all you want, we'll just make more. After all, a symbol isn't a country or a people.

On Marriage

What makes a family? People, people make a family. A single man fostering a bunch of kids, bringing them together into his home, feeding them, clothing them, providing them with education and emotional support has a family.

That's what matters, people who care. People who do their best to support and encourage each other. People who do their best to raise children right, whether the children are theirs or not.

I say better two flaming faggots who work hard to bring up honest, hardworking kids. Than a man and a woman who drink like fish, physically abuse each other, and sexually abuse their own young.

Marriage is a partnership, a formal arrangement reached between two people. Why? Because we need to be around people. We need the support. Without it we suffer.

We can also use the support when raising children. For most the partnership is mixed gender. For some it is same gender. But the important thing is the support. Support for times when things are going bad and the kids are being difficult.

It's not impossible for a single parent to raise a family, but it is harder than for two (or more). Having the courage to be tough when you need to be is something every prospective mother or father needs to learn, just in case the marriage fails. Or if a woman finds herself caring for a child on her own. But, that said, it's always good to have back-up when the youngsters are being royal pains.

It's really not how the family is composed, but that there is a family. People who watch out for each other, who support each other and go out of their way for each other. Regardless of how things are arranged. Better to live in a shack with a family, than to live in a mansion with strangers.

12:46 PM  
Blogger COPioneer said...

As Dr. Timothy Dailey concludes in Homosexual Parenting: Placing Children at Risk, "The complementary aspects of parenting that mothers and fathers contribute to the rearing of children are rooted in the innate differences of the two sexes, and can no more be arbitrarily substituted than can the very nature of male and female . . . [despite] accusations of sexism and homophobia . . . , [despite] attempts to deny the importance of both mothers and fathers in the rearing of children, the oldest family structure of all turns out to be the best."

Children need a mom and a dad. And children need us to protect the institution that protects them best, whether that's fighting for strong marriages, or fighting against no-fault divorce laws and against so-called same-sex "marriages."

It all started with no-fault divorce, and continues to errode on a daily basis. As with all the other problems, it all stems from selfishness.

10:05 AM  
Blogger wrabkin said...

Finally a right-winger who'se willing to speak the truth about his agenda. Thank you, co-pioneer, for admitting that what you really want is control the most personal aspects of people's lives. Please, go ahead, outlaw homosexuality. Then go ahead and pass laws that force people to stay in marriages they want to leave. You won't see another Republican congressman outside of Kansas -- and probably not even there.

Oh yeah, you are the guys who want to get the government out of people's lives.

You are prying, snooping busybodies who can't be happy unless everyone in the world does exactly what you want.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Dr Faust said...

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