Carol Platt Liebau: Horse Heartbreak

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Horse Heartbreak

As this piece notes, Barbara failed to finish at the Preakness. News reports indicate that his leg is fractured both above and below the ankle.

He's undergoing surgery tomorrow at the best horse hospital on the East coast (the West's version is Davis). Say prayers -- with luck and blessings, although Barbaro will never compete again, he could live out a happy and fruitful life as a very sought-after stallion.

What a heartbreak to see a tough, enthusiastic (and never defeated) competitor like this go down. Kudos to jockey Edgar Prado for how he handled Barbaro -- if Barbaro is saved, it will have been because of Prado's consummate professionalism in a terrible situation. Please keep Barbaro, Prado, trainer Michael Matz and his owners, the Jacksons in your prayers.


Blogger wrabkin said...

I may quibble with you over politics, but I am fascinated by and grateful for your posts on horse-racing. I know nothing about the subject, and really enjoy being allowed to share your knowledge.

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