Carol Platt Liebau: More Strange Bedfellows

Sunday, April 23, 2006

More Strange Bedfellows

Mary McCarthy, the CIA analyst fired for leaking classified information, is also a supporter of Rep. Curt Weldon's Democratic opponent, Joseph Sestak.

Sestak sure has the "classified information mishandling" vote sewed up -- other supporters include Clinton's national security adviser Sandy "Docs in Socks" Berger, who even hosted a fundraiser for him, and former CIA Director John Deutch (both have admitted to mishandling classified information).

Weldon's opponent served as director for defense policy on Bill Clinton’s national security council. So it's perhaps understandable why Democratic foreign policy partisans like Berger, Deutch and McCarthy would support him.

But it's also worth wondering how eager they are to defeat Weldon at almost any cost, given that the congressman has been determined to find the truth about what the Clinton foreign policy team knew -- and when they knew it.


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