Carol Platt Liebau: Hiltzik's Blog Suspended - What Next?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hiltzik's Blog Suspended - What Next?

Check it out.

Here's the statement:

The Times has suspended Michael Hiltzik’s Golden State blog on Hiltzik admitted Thursday that he posted items on the paper’s website, and on other websites, under names other than his own. That is a violation of The Times ethics policy, which requires editors and reporters to identify themselves when dealing with the public. The policy applies to both the print and online editions of the newspaper. The Times is investigating the postings.

Now, the question is: Will Hiltzik himself be suspended? After all, it wasn't the blog that did anything wrong. Blogs don't violate ethics requirements; bloggers (like Hiltzik) do.

So far, it seems that the LA Times is very forgiving of repeat ethical offenders.


Blogger Sven said...

Zounds! I thought the Kierkegaard reference would be sufficient. Has no one heard of the Corsair Affair? Must I spell everything out?

Sigh. If I must. Keep in mind that Kierkegaard asked The Corsair to attack him viciously and personally after he attacked it pseudonymously on his own behalf. The parallels are obvious.

In other words, I think we're dealing with a pair of postmodern existentialist publicity pranksters here. How much do we know about this "Patterico" fellow anyway?

9:31 PM  

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