Carol Platt Liebau: Do the Unborn Feel Pain?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Do the Unborn Feel Pain?

The answer isn't entirely clear, but Dr. Mary Davenport is one of many doctors who believes that it's evident.

Given that no one's 100% sure, what kind of sadist would oppose the administration of anesthesia for surgery or any other procedure -- besides those with a vested interest in portraying the unborn as non-sentient creature?


Blogger CAB said...

What an instructive contrast with the lobster pain study reported today.

The Norwegian government funded study from the University of Oslo [quote]was aimed at determining if invertebrates should be subject to animal welfare legislation as Norway revises its animal welfare law. The report looked at invertebrate groups such as insects, crustaceans, worms and mollusks and summarized the scientific literature dealing with feelings and pain among those creatures without backbones.

It concluded that most invertebrates -- including lobsters, crabs, worms, snails, slugs and clams -- probably don't have the capacity to feel pain.
. . .
"It's a semantic thing: No brain, no pain,'' said Loughlin, who now works as a biologist at the Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission.

From PETA's
[quote]Most people feel uncomfortable about cooking and eating lobsters—and for good reason: Like all animals, lobsters can feel pain, and they suffer when they are cut, broiled, or boiled alive.[unquote]

From PETA's FAQ:
[quote]There is currently no reason to believe that plants experience pain because they are devoid of central nervous systems, nerve endings, and brains.

“Where does the animal rights movement stand on abortion?”

There are people on both sides of the abortion issue in the animal rights movement, just as there are people on both sides of animal rights issues in the pro-life movement. And just as the pro-life movement has no official position on animal rights, the animal rights movement has no official position on abortion.

So there you have it: lobsters must be liberated because they have a nervous system, however primitive, plants don't so PETA needn't campaign for them and human unborn ... ummm ... PETA takes no official position on that.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...


Ya scared me for a minute there. You finished nicely, though.

All things being equal, pro-choicers are generally scum.

8:48 PM  

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