Carol Platt Liebau: Bad (Box Office) "Dreamz"

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bad (Box Office) "Dreamz"

Schadenfreude alert. Couldn't help being pleased to see that, as this piece characterizes it, "George W. Bush -'American Idol' parody 'American Dreamz' featuring Dennis Quaid and Hugh Grant, debuted a weak No. 8 with $3.7 million." This despite the picture receiving largely favorable reviews.

I'm pleased despite an embarassing weakness for Hugh Grant (who is extremely cute, incredibly funny and once toyed with the insufferable James Lipton like a cat with a ball of yarn in an interview for the ages -- all of which, taken together, almost redeems his profoundly unfortunate "romantic" escapades).

If the movie had been simply an "American Idol" spoof, I would have gone in a heartbeat. But who's interested in mean-spirited cheap-shotting of the President? If that's all we wanted, we could watch MSM broadcast news.

I doubt Hollywood will ever learn -- but there's clearly a lesson here.


Blogger CraigC said...

I have to agree about Hugh Grant. Despite being something of a twit, he is a very funny guy, and quick and clever as hell.

12:20 AM  

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