Carol Platt Liebau: Some "Shakeup"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Some "Shakeup"

It's a little silly to listen to some in the press try to spin Chief of Staff Andrew Card's resignation as some kind of White House "shakeup."

Certainly, a "shakeup" is helpful to the "White House is floundering" narrative that's floating around. But in truth, Andy Card's resignation is just that: Andy Card's resignation.

Chief of Staff is a notoriously grueling position; most don't last five and a half years, like Card did. Is it that hard to believe that he might want a life of his own? Moreover, if the President were trying to send a "message" about change in his administration, he wouldn't choose a fairly low profile (though important) administrator -- it would be one of the administration's more public faces. Finally, replacing Card with Josh Bolten -- another longtime administration insider -- is hardly a sign that the President is panicking and looking for "new blood."

And don't forget: The President is one of the most loyal men around. He wouldn't just shove Andy Card -- who has served him long and faithfully -- overboard to silence his critics.


Blogger Dan M said...

Uhm Carol, the White House IS floundering, and floundering badly.

For proof of the obvious, simply take a gander at the poll numbers, but if you need more proof, cast a glance at the support for the President AND his policies among the base of the GOP.

His communication and political team have screwed up, and screwed up royally. Card was in on the selection of Souter, and tried to compound the original infraction by foisting a blithering incompetent, and a sad, naked careerist on the nation.

Card should have been canned years ago.

You might want to cast your eyes forward to November, and think of the horrendous possibilities looming for the GOP, much of which was caused by a clueless Rockefeller Republican, who has yet to understand that the GOP majority was created by Reaganism, not the policies favoured by Northeast Republicans.

Politics is an all contact sport Carol, Card has badly served the nation since November '04. And Card was a contributor to the idiotic idea of castigating the base as "sexists," "elitists," "nativists," "fear mongers" and quasi "racists," {just to name a few}. Terms usually tossed by the Left towards the base of the GOP, became par for the course from the Card staff, just in the last year. As a recipe for infuriating the base, it was sure to prove successful, as a way of shoring up support for the President and his policies, it left a great deal to be desired.

Carol, there is a time for Christian charity, and there is also a time for being utterly cold blooded in your assessment of someone's job performance. Card has been a flat out disaster.

We're going to need to get tough prior to November, and sugarcoating personnel selections by the Bush administration isn't conducive for winning in the fall.

8:53 PM  
Blogger stackja1945 said...

Card, a king or joker? History will have to decide. I do not trust current commentators.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Pete said...

I think the jury is still out regarding Card. Mine is, I'm just not sure.

What I will say, dan, is that if we believe in polls, we also should believe in the tooth fairy, etc. Pollsters and weathermen are the only professions where accuracy does not matter as to whether you keep your job. The questions are nearly always slanted to get the response the poll taker wants. In plain English, polls are bullstuffing!

4:45 AM  
Blogger eLarson said...

One area where I'd like to see some work done is at the cabinet level.

Where has the treasury secretary been when the mediots are talking down the economy? The guy should be a 24/7 cheerleader for the economy. Is there an energy secretary? Does he do anything publicly?

These guys need to get out more.

1:56 PM  

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