Carol Platt Liebau: Felons Shouldn't Be Voting

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Felons Shouldn't Be Voting

I don't agree with Gregory Kane all that often -- but he's right about this one: Convicted felons have no business voting, in Maryland or anywhere else.

Kane asks: Do we really want, for example, the guys who were in the Stop Snitching DVD to leave prison and vote in a tight race for Baltimore state's attorney that pits a candidate who wants to keep witness intimidation a felony against one who wants to make it a misdemeanor?

I'd add to that: A murderer has "disenfranchised" his victim for all time. Even when he leaves prison, he hasn't really "paid" for what he's done, because how can anyone really compensate for taking the one thing that no one can give back -- an innocent human life? Other felonies may not be as dire, but maybe there should be a requirement that full restitution be made to the victim/victim's family -- or that there be some other significant indicia of rehabilitation -- before re-enfranchisement should be available.

Forgiveness is a virtue, and governors should be able to restore voting rights on a case by case basis. But someone explain to me why criminals deserve to have a say in the governing of a society when they've been "discinclined" (to put it delicately) to obey the laws that are already in place.


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Also, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North (I know, but still...)

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