Carol Platt Liebau: A Valentine from Jesse

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentine from Jesse

Here, the ever-increasingly ridiculous and irrelevant Jesse Jackson argues -- in effect -- that people shouldn't attend funerals unless either they agreed with all the political views of the deceased or they're willing to be attacked politically.

Or, at least, that's his opinion about President Bush and the Coretta King funeral. How silly. What a great way to destroy the shreds of commonality and civility that still unite us.

While Jesse Jackson is bloviating about the funeral, he remains staunchly silent about the terrible troubles afflicting the African American community -- problems that might actually require some work, rather than speechifying in expensive suits and flying around on private planes.

Need something real to do, Mr. Jackson? Read this piece by John McWhorter -- "How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back" -- and then get to work.

I'm not holding my breath.


Blogger David said...

"I'm not holding my breath."

And a very good thing it is that you are not, Carol--on at least two fronts. If it were possible for you to hold your breath until JJ actually addressed real problems in the "Black community" (now, there's as divisive a term as has ever been devised), we'd have to hold an all-too-early funeral for you--a bad thing, IMO.

OTOH, holding your breath at all—for any length of time—for the likes of JJ would mean we'd miss your trenchant commentary during those breathless moments.

Again, a thing to be avoided at all costs.

Keep telling it like it is, 'K?


1:47 PM  
Blogger wile e coyote said...

There is a connotation to Carol's phrase "speechifying in expensive suits and flying around on private planes" that seems uncharitable, if not worse, given the race neutral content of Jackson's article.

Nor does Jackson's article touch upon race relations or discrimination in a way that should limit him only to "Black" issues such as "How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back".

This said, there is a damned if you do, damned if you don't dilemma for Bush in Jackson's article; what was Bush supposed to do, stay away from the funeral? How Jackson would have howled then at the insult.

The pity is that Jackson, Carter and Lowry cannot or would not see a common bond that would allow people of all backgrounds and political predilections to want to "pay their respects" to Mrs King, and recognition of this bond would suggest a certain decorum.

It is not uncommon for people to grow bitter as they get older, particularly when many of the goals to which they dedicated themselves end up on the wrong side of history. Such, I suspect, is the case with Messrs. Carter Lowry and Jackson.

10:08 PM  
Blogger eggbop said...

As the daughter of a multimillionaire it seems in bad taste at the very least (racist to the average viewer) that you would talk about Mr. Jackson's expensive suits as a criticism. Should only people in shabby clothes stand up for the poor? You also act as if the problems of the black community are somehow more Mr. Jackson's problem than yours and mine. As someone so given to offense and outrage I hope that your funeral will be attended by people who stand for all that you hate.

3:06 PM  

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