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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Brief Detour . . .

The incredibly smart political analyst Michael Barone doesn't disappoint with this column about the blogosphere's influence on politics. He concludes:

So what hath the blogosphere wrought? The left blogosphere has moved the Democrats off to the left, and the right blogosphere has undermined the credibility of the Republicans' adversaries in Old Media. Both changes help Bush and the Republicans.

And, as usual, he's absolutely right.

It's also worth wondering how much of the Republicans' good fortune is owed to timing. The blogosphere first came into its own during the Bush presidency and in an age of Republican political dominance. Certainly, the MSM would always be in the cross hairs of the blogosphere's right side, but it's possible that -- had Clinton been in office and Democrats controlling the Congress when blogs first blossomed -- the blogosphere's impact could have been precisely the opposite, in political terms. Ah, the blessing of timing.


Blogger American by Choice said...

I don't think it was possible that it was due to timing, at least short-term timing. The talent on the net was shut out of Academia and the MSM; blogs were their natural outlet. If there ever was a time when the right had the MSM dominance that the left has had for many, many decades now, then it might have happened that the talent on the net would have come from the left.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Interesting point: not so much the timing of which Party dominates the national stage, but rather the fact that there was no place in MSM for center-right thinkers.

8:28 AM  

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