Carol Platt Liebau: Voices in the Wilderness?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Voices in the Wilderness?

I have had the pleasure of meeting Michael O'Hanlon, who's a fellow at the Brookings Institute (and a Democrat). He's a very smart fellow, and the Dems would be well advised to pay attention to his warning (appearing today in this article) that the lefties may well be overplaying their hands on the Patriot Act and the warrantless surveillance issue.

Pollster Mark Penn apparently agrees.

And they're right to be worried about the political ramifications of some of the Democrats' recent behavior. When there's audio out there of Harry Reid shrieking gleefully, "We killed the Patriot Act!" and a critical mass of Democrats seem more concerned about whether America is spying on Al Qaeda associates in this country than whether American children are going to be incinerated by a terrorist bomb -- well, yes, it does contribute to the perception that perhaps the Democrats are not the most trustworthy party on national security issues, doesn't it?


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