Carol Platt Liebau: "New Democrats" vs. New Democrats

Saturday, December 31, 2005

"New Democrats" vs. New Democrats

As Ducan Currie points out here, it was a good year for the latter, not so good for the former.

A key quote:

[T]he past year saw historic elections not just in Iraq, but also in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Egypt. The reformist germ even touched Saudi Arabia, which allowed municipal elections, and Kuwait, which granted women the right to vote and run for public office. According to Freedom House, the "modest but notable" advance of liberty in the Arab Middle East was "the most significant development" cited by its annual survey of world freedom in 2005. The top news, of course, came out of Iraq, where the number of Iraqis braving bombs and bullets to make it to the polls climbed from 8.5 million in January, to 9.8 million in October, to some 11 million in December.

In the words of another great warrior for freedom: "All in all, not bad. Not bad at all."

It's our responsibility to do our part -- however we can -- to make sure this march of freedom continues and expands in the new year.


Blogger Gary Gross said...

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

That wouldn't come from President Reagan's farewell address to the nation from the Oval Office, was it?

I've written an article titled The Greatest Man of My Lifetime that focuses on the Great Communicator. How fortunate we were to have had him as the fortieth President.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Joe Gringo said...

Here's to you Carol....cheers!!

Hope to hear you subbing Hugh Hewitt's show soon......or for you to have your own nationally synicated program.

1:31 PM  

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