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Friday, November 25, 2005

Proselytizing Teacher

No, he's not promoting religion -- he'd have been fired. Instead, a Vermont teacher is force-feeding liberal propaganda to grade school students in his quizzes. That earns him mealy-mouthed disapprobation from the principal, but quite likely nothing more. (Hope I'm proved wrong on that.)

Clearly, the teacher is a jerk. More than that, he doesn't seem to be too great at what he does, i.e. teach English. Check out the use of the word "insure" in the quoted sentence from his quiz. And then note that he should have been using "ensure" instead. Perhaps what's called for here is a little more attention to mastering the topic he's supposed to be teaching -- and a little less attention to politics, hmmm?


Anonymous Marine Mom in St Paul said...

When kids are confronted with this indoctrination from their trusted teachers, it's not "funny", or "tongue in cheek". It's a serious attack on the values that many of the parents of children in that room have been trying against huge challenges from liberal mouthpieces and media organizations to instill in their children. My children (teenage boys) have been in the Social Studies classroom of a teacher who spouts Michael Mooreisms and praises puppets who echo her words. Last year at Parent Night, she lamented that of all years, an election year, she couldn't change the curriculum and cover Civics in all her grades she taught. My kids were very uncomfortable in her classroom. She prided herself on presenting both sides of every issue. The liberal side: Bush Lied. The Conservative side: People Died. You get my drift...The comments of those who would raise other sides of arguments were not welcome to comment in class. This year she took a one-year sabbatical, and my boys are both very happy not to be exposed to the daily indoctrinations of her political views. Incidentally, the teacher who is standing in during the sabbatical presents both sides very well. My 14-year old son says he really can't tell what her personal politics are. His contribution to the discussion is valued and the discussion welcome. The puppets of last year are exposed to facts they haven't heard before, and they have trouble with original ideas because their old teacher isn't there to rush to their aid in a debate to "settle the issue" and move on to the next anti-conservative diatribe. He actually likes being in a classroom that covers questions from several viewpoints and examines differing information sources (as we do at home). Luckily, my boys are very well-read and well-informed. They are exposed to both sides of as many arguments as we can cover. They see the ignorance of facts in the single-sided arguments their former teacher made. She is viewed as a liberal caricature by their friends, too. I wonder if she knows the lack of respect she generates for her viewpoints by taking the least-informed route?

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