Carol Platt Liebau: "Let the Iraqis Stand Up For Iraq"

Saturday, November 19, 2005

"Let the Iraqis Stand Up For Iraq"

That was John Kerry's message this morning on Good Morning America Weekend.

More and more Democrats have been acting as though the Iraqi troops and people are being somehow derelict. Is there some example of Iraqi cowardice -- or reluctance to "stand up" for themselves -- that we should know about?

To me, the Kerry/Democrat attitude reeks of arrogance -- especially in light of the courage demonstrated by all the Iraqis who have demonstrated braved enormous obstacles and even terrorist threats to go to the polls.

Isn't Kerry a member of the same party that insists that laws simply requiring federal ID at polling places is unduly burdensome? Anyone who thinks it's too much trouble for Americans to have to obtain federal ID in order to exercise the franchise certainly isn't in a position to act like the Iraqis are either too incompetent or cowardly to take responsibility for their own country's security.


Anonymous Greg said...

Outstanding point!

This is another point the Republicans should use over and over again to highlight the shameless position the Democrats have taken on the war on terror!

Perhaps the Republicans in the House have shown the Republicans in the Senate that we need to openly debate these hypocrites in public rather than shy away - or worse (as the Senate did), appease them!

If the Senate follows the lead of the House, then 2006 will be a dismal election year for the Democrats.

I was upset in the extreme, nearly despondent, over the actions of the Republicans in the Senate last week. If they'll find their courage, this will turn into a great opportunity for Republicans!

5:05 PM  

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