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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Way Off Target!

Last December, this site had several postings about Target's shameful decision to ban the Salvation Army from stationing its kettles in front of Target stores -- all in pursuit of a "distraction free environment."

To its everlasting disgrace, Target is refusing to reconsider its position, even in light of the Salvation Army's heroic efforts as one of the primary responders to the Katrina disaster. According to the piece linked above, Target has given $1.5 million to the Red Cross; of course, it would cost the chain nothing to allow the Salvation Army to return its kettles to its more than 1300 locations.

Note the contrast between Target and one of its top competitors, Wal-Mart. According to CNN, "Wal-Mart has given $17 million in cash [to the Katrina relief effort], the largest corporate cash contribution to date, in addition to $3 million in products."

And according to the piece linked at the top of this post, the Walton family has given the Salvation Army $4 million. Wal-Mart officials have reportedly said, "Whatever you need, call us first."

When you're deciding which "big box" store to patronize, I hope you'll consider the quality of the retail organization you're supporting -- and make your decision accordingly.


Blogger Guitanguran said...

Geee whiz Ms. Carol, you are way too prolific for me. I think I'll give up blogging on my own and just read your stuff...:-)

8:29 PM  
Blogger cookie jill said...

better yet...don't shop the big boxes and keep the mom and pops in business.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Poison Pero said...

Mom and pops have 2-10 employees.....Walmarts have hundreds.

And it's doubtful the mom and pops offer anything better for the employees than Wally.

So, which is better for the economy, Jill?

I'm sure this isn't your real ax to grind though.......
Either way, I've got a Walmart and Target at equal distances from my home, and make sure to never shop the Bullies of the Bell Ringers.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Draino said...

I know I often give you a hard time Carol but when I agree with you I will be the first to say so. I applaud your piece on Target and completely agree. I don't agree with your praise of WalMart but that's for another time. Thanks for enlightening me and others about Target's shameful tactics. I didn't shop their much will be sure to boycott them this holiday season!

6:56 AM  

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