Carol Platt Liebau: How to Help the Hurting in New Orleans

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How to Help the Hurting in New Orleans

Here is a list of organizations that can be trusted to use your relief dollars wisely.

My personal favorite is The Salvation Army (I've seen the work of these wonderful people up close & personally). And as the page linked above notes, those who are worried about the animals can help through the Humane Society.

Please consider giving what you can.

(And note that the supposedly evil capitalists over at Wal-Mart have already donated $1,000,000.00. HT: Instapundit.)


Blogger Poison Pero said...

Good list Carol......Thx
I've posted an excellent blogsite for this disaster (Hewitt recommended)........As well as photo and donation sites.

Come on by to check it out.

7:16 PM  

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