Carol Platt Liebau: Maybe It's Just Part of the Plan

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Maybe It's Just Part of the Plan

Mark Levin expresses some concern at reports that President Bush didn't even interview outspoken conservatives like Judges Luttig, Jones and Brown for the O'Connor seat. He's not sure it portends good things for the future.

I respect Levin -- and look forward to reading his book Men in Black. But I think his worries may be premature.

To my mind, it's quite likely that President Bush's plan all along was to replace Justice O'Connor -- who, as a "swing vote", was likely to be the more difficult slot to fill -- with a "low key" conservative (i.e. someone who would move the Court to the right, but wouldn't elicit the kind of bloody fight that a Luttig, Jones or Brown would).

That doesn't at all mean that he won't fill the staunchly conservative seat of Chief Justice Rehnquist with someone more outspokenly conservative than Judge John Roberts.


Blogger Bachbone said...

First, not much Bush does surprises me. I didn't believe him to be much of a conservative when I voted for him, but he was 100% better than the alternative candidate. Second, I wish I'd taken a handful of tranquizers before reading Men in Black. The U.S. Supreme Court has housed as many loonies as has the U.S. Congress, percentage-wise, but with more far-reaching consequences. What has transpired in the U.S. Supreme Court should forewarn thinking -- and caring -- presidents against not truly searching everywhere for the best minds, the trap into which Bush has apparently just fallen. Let's hope and pray he does better when Justice Rehnquist leaves.

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