Carol Platt Liebau: Time to Explain the Stakes

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Time to Explain the Stakes

To the great delight of Teddy Kennedy, liberals and (seemingly) journalists everywhere, it appears that public support is falling for the war in Iraq.

It's time to stop the erosion in public opinion NOW. And the best way to do it is to explain how the American lives being sacrificed in Iraq do succeed in making America safer -- and failure is, as the cliche says, simply not an option.

Here's a brief and incomplete list:

(1) Helping to build a free Iraq spreads democracy in the Middle East, a region that sorely needs it. With the example of a democratic Iraq, the people of other Middle Eastern nations are more likely to express their own God-given yearnings for freedom. Don't believe me? Look at Lebanon, where they've finally succeeding in at least beginning to kick out the Syrians.

(2) American resolve in building a free Iraq demonstrates to other Middle Eastern despots that we are serious about not tolerating threats from that region, and that we are willing to act to defend our safety. Teddy Kennedy may not get it, but the rulers of Libya (which gave up its nuclear weapons voluntarily) and Egypt (which is having a less-rigged election -- an election at all there is notworthy) do. Spreading democracy is key to stopping terrorism . . . when people have a measure of freedom to create lives for themselves, they're less likely to blow themselves (and us) up. And check your history -- democracies don't start wars.

(3) Iraq is serving as terrorist "flypaper" -- attracting Islamofascists from all over to fight and (hopefully) die in Iraq. There are nuts from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia who are going there. It's tough on our valiant soldiers, but better that the fighting take place in Fallujah than Manhattan. And if the terrorists are fighting and hiding there, we can only hope that it's keeping them too busy to figure out how to sneak into the US to do us real harm.

(4) Failing in Iraq would encourage the terrorists (as do, doubtless, countless statements from Teddy K and others). It would embolden the very people that we MUST defeat. If Islamofascists can force the "Great Satan" out of Iraq on their terms, not only will the brave and long-suffering people of that country be devastated, it would be an enormous morale-booster for them and their deadly cause. And Iraq would be in serious danger of becoming "terrorist central" -- a new haven for the evildoers.

Again, there is no way that we can "lose" in Iraq unless we let the quamire defeatists carry the day. They have plenty of apostles in the media -- so it's vital that the other side get its message out.

Let's get to it.


Blogger Gary Aminoff said...


It was the media and the weak-kneed liberals who turned the tide of public opinion against the Vietnam war. We didn't lose the war, we lost our will.

We can't let those same defeatists cause us to fail in our important work in Iraq and the Middle East.

6:53 PM  

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