Carol Platt Liebau: MSM Agenda Set by Move-On?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

MSM Agenda Set by Move-On?

It's instructive to know that if the left wing stamps its feet enough, the MSM will dutifully follow its instructions to coverthe not-so-new "revelations" in the Downing Street Memo.

To me, there's no "there" there. As even Philip Taubman admits, "Given what has been reported about war planning in Washington, the revelations about the Downing Street meeting did not seem like a bolt from the blue."

As this piece and this piece point out (hardly with great joy) the "evidence" presented in the DSM is hardly incontrovertible.

Before I waste more time commenting further, I am going to wait for the British government to conclusively confirm that the memos are genuine. They so perfectly track the arguments against war that were made subsequently by the left that it's hard to believe that either (1)they hadn't been circulated more quietly, much earlier or (2) they aren't real.

In any case, every argument that the DSM attempts to "prove" was exhaustively made during last years election. And all were rejected by the American people. As they say in court, "Asked and answered. Move on."


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