Carol Platt Liebau: A Moment of Decision

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Moment of Decision

With the remarks of Dick Durbin comparing Guatanamo Bay with the death camps of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Pol Pot comes a moment of decision for the Democratic Party.

Such talk is not only valuable propaganda for our enemies. It is inaccurate, ignorant, morally reprehensible and absolutely indefensible. As the linked article points out:

"About 9 million persons, including 6 million Jews, died in Hitler's death camps, 2.7 million persons died in Stalin's gulags and 1.7 million Cambodians died in Pol Pot's scourge of his country.

No prisoners have died at Guantanamo, and the Pentagon has acknowledged five instances of abuse or irreverent handling of the Koran, the holy book of Muslims."

Sure, that's the same. Right.

With Durbin, the Democratic whip in the Senate, having implicitly compared our men and women in uniform to Nazis or Soviet prison guards, the Democratic Party must decide whether this is the kind of rhetoric it supports. Does Durbin, as a party leader, speak for his party? Yes -- unless we know differently.

What a revealing moment for the Democrats. How interesting to know that a leading Democrat is more concerned about the comfort of America's enemies than the honor of its soldiers.

If the rest of the party DOESN'T agree with Durbin, they'd better speak up. And fast.


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