Carol Platt Liebau: God rest Terri's soul

Thursday, March 31, 2005

God rest Terri's soul

So Terri Schiavo has died. It's a sad day for America -- which, frankly, didn't (some couldn't) act in accordance with its finest ideals. The whole sorry affair is part of history now -- and the position of those who supported keeping Terri alive (or at least wanted to slow the process to make sure that it was her wish to die) will age much better than the pro-death side.

This is especially true as the public begins to hear the full story, and witnesses the Pope struggling for life, being nourished through a feeding tube in his nose. And it will become even more true as normal, good hearted Americans get the opportunity to compare and contrast the agendas and style of the pro-life advocates (protectors of the weak and vulnerable) and the pro-death crew (who will determine whose life has "value" and act with ghoulish tenacity to eliminate those it deems too worthless to keep alive).


Blogger jchess said...

What I find concerning in all of this is the mainstream news media, and how it has taken to measuring the worth of a given human life: They had no problem watching Terri starve to death but when it comes to the Pope suddenly they express concern over him having a feeding tube and the progressive failure of his vital organs: The implication: The Pope's life is worth more than Terri's.

No. All Life is precious and carries equal value and worth.

James C. Hess

8:00 AM  
Blogger Jim Pulfrey said...

Congratulations on your very candid comment on pro-death being ghoulish.
These same people want to save the caribou in the Artic Wildlife Refuge. Go figure. Linked to your comment on my blog.
Jim Pulfrey

3:39 PM  

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