Carol Platt Liebau

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Get a load of this. In Indiana, legislation requiring voters to show either a state-issued or federal government ID is being debated. But:

Legislative Democrats, led by black leaders, have protested the bill like almost none other in recent years. They've called the measure to require voters to show a government-issued photo ID a blatant attempt to suppress turnout among black Hoosiers.

Really? Why would that be? Because black voters don't have birth certificates, or drivers' licenses, or military ID's? Or are they saying that -- despite the fact that many of the black voters were doubtless involved in the courageous civil rights movement -- that black voters are so easily intimidated that they won't go to the polls if they have to show the same ID there as they do to board a plane or cash a check?

How dare these "black leaders" stigmatize fellow African-Americans this way? What a bunch of bigots.


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