Carol Platt Liebau

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Obviously, the "talk of the blogosphere" today has been this piece by Peggy Noonan, coming out strongly in favor of the blogs. It's really true -- if you're good enough that people will continue to read you no matter how the blogs proliferate, there's no need to feel threatened by the new media. Ms. Noonan (who's always worth reading) illustrates the point perfectly -- as do those less capable in the MSM, who are throwing invective and temper tantrums at a powerful new force that exposes their shoddiness in logic and expression.

It's interesting -- I've been following the controversy generated by Susan Estrich's condemnation of the LA Times, as reported by Cathy Seipp (HT:Hugh Hewitt). Funny, the letter refers to writer Charlotte Allen thusly: "The article last Sunday was penned by a feminist-hater I have never heard of, nor probably have you, by the name of Charlotte Allen..."

Professor Estrich is a very, very smart and savvy woman; that being said, her attitude reminded me completely of "old media's" attitude toward bloggers -- "who are these people? We don't know them." Well, as Hugh Hewitt's column today suggests, that may say more about the critic than about the bloggers. There may be plenty of people "out there" who are worth getting to know -- at least for the people who aren't frightened by the competition. People like Peggy Noonan.


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