Carol Platt Liebau

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

For those who say there's no liberal bias in the media, check out this piece from Scripps Howard. It's about President Bush's decision to renominate 12 judges who were denied -- not confirmation -- but even an up-or-down vote on whether they would be confirmed, through an unprecedented use of the filibuster by the Democrats.

That's a message you're hard pressed to get in this piece, which states that "the president's decision [to renominate the judges] could destroy any chance of achieving his stated goal of creating a more bipartisan atmosphere in the nation's capital."

Oh. So the lack of bipartisanship is the President's fault, for having the temerity to renominate 12 candidates who could probably win confirmation if the Democrats would give them the courtesy of a vote.

The Dems keep claiming these judges are out of the mainstream. But how "out of the mainstream" can they be, if they would be able to win confirmation from a majority the Senate, if given the opportunity?


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