Carol Platt Liebau

Saturday, February 26, 2005

[T]he fact of political correctness is before us in the refusal of feminist women professors even to consider the possibility that women might be at any natural disadvantage in mathematics as compared with men. No, more than that: They refuse to allow that possibility to be entertained even in a private meeting. And still more: They are not ashamed to be seen as suppressing any inquiry into such a possibility.

Harvard Professor Harvey Mansfield says it all in this piece from The Weekly Standard.

Only at an Ivy League university would a mainstream Democrat -- President Clinton's Treasury Secretary, for Heaven's sake! -- be seen as a politically incorrect conservative.

It's funny how the ideological world is divided at Harvard. It's not about liberals vs. conservatives -- it's about the sane (liberal and conservative) vs. the insane (generally off the left deep end). During a controversy that occurred at the law school during my third year, I still remember far-left professor David Kennedy attempting to punish some members of the Harvard Law Review for material in a parody that he deemed offensive (well, some of it was offensive). When some attempted to remind him of the free speech rights of the students, he came right out and stated baldly, "The First Amendment just isn't my thing." (Incidentally, I wondered whether he knew that the First Amendment actually doesn't apply to Harvard, since it's not a government entity).

All this is a sad commentary on America's oldest university. And don't think that the lessons in free speech suppression and intimidation go unnoticed -- or unlearned -- by too many of Harvard's students.


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