Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Is this what the "women's movement" has come to? Now, all of a sudden, Arnold Schwarzenegger is anti-woman because he is taking on unions that represent occupations that tend to be female. If this is the unions' best argument, well, they must be in trouble.

In other news of manufactured feminist controversies, the delicate egos populating the Harvard faculty are still nursing their wounds over President Summers' remarks from a month before. Read about it here. Embarassingly, some faculty still seem to think this will "impact" efforts to attract female scholars -- as though any school would want any "scholar" that could be so easily intimidated.

Taken together, these stories show a "feminist movement" in search of a grievance. Shouldn't these people find more honorable ways to attack their political adversaries -- or else simply devote themselves to more important causes?


Blogger Sloan said...

It seems to me that this post and the previous one are of a piece...namely, the Left's increasing tendency to find any sort of angle, no matter how aberrant, that will discredit or silence those with whom they disagree.

This is what happens when a political/social movement becomes ideologically bankrupt. It's definitely not healthy behavior.

10:39 AM  

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