Carol Platt Liebau

Monday, February 28, 2005

Could it be that a new day is dawning in the Middle East even more quickly than we might have hoped? The Syrian backed Lebanese government has resigned, acceding to public pressure.

Obviously, there is still a long (and perilous) way to go. But as Tom Friedman of The New York Times commented on "Meet the Press" yesterday, we have reached a tipping point.

President Bush is right -- people want to be free. God gave mankind free will because He intended us to be free. And it's glorious to feel the freedom winds beginning to blow in a part of the world that has suffered from tyranny and hatred.


Blogger richard said...

Yeah, like in Saudi Arabia where women can't vote and are stoned to death in the public square. But they are our "friends" so it's okay. The "winds of freedom" is a smokescreen. It means we're trying to install lackeys like Allawi.

1:35 PM  

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