Carol Platt Liebau

Saturday, January 22, 2005

What silliness. This nitwit Brit seems to think that Americans like Laura Bush because she isn't "threatning." The author notes that "the recent First Ladies who have suffered the worst press and opinion poll ratings are those seen as having got above themselves, either by active involvement in policy or by displaying threatening qualities – such as intelligence."

No one here has a serious problem with intelligent women -- I'm delighted that Condoleezza Rice is going to be our secretary of state. Margaret Thatcher is my heroine. Americans didn't like Hillary Clinton making policy from the White House, not because they have anything against intelligent women -- in fact, many of us hope we're intelligent women, too -- but because she wasn't elected. And many Americans find it distasteful and borderline dishonorable about a woman reaching high places on her husband's coattails and then acting like she got there herself. Now that Hillary Clinton has won a Senate seat fair and square, well, I still think she's wrong on all the issues -- but at least now she's entitled to try to make policy.

Note to silly Brit: We love Laura Bush because she's a lady, because she realizes she wasn't elected, and because doesn't attempt to make policy like she was. Oh, and by the way, in America, we still hold wonderful wives and mothers in high esteem because they are wives and mothers


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