Carol Platt Liebau: Target is Repugnant

Friday, December 03, 2004

Target is Repugnant

From this piece about the backlash brewing against Target for its unconscionable ban on the Salvation Army comes this unbelievable excerpt:

Also figuring in the decision, [Target spokesman Carolyn Brookter] said, was Target's desire to protect its customers from the potential discomfort of being asked for donations. "Part of what we offer … is a distraction-free shopping experience, and I think that's one reason people like to come here," Brookter said.

What a disgusting company. As everyone well knows, the Salvation Army never asks anyone for donations . . . the soldiers in the "army of compassion" simply stand or sit in freezing weather, patiently ringing a bell, hour after hour, on behalf of the destitute, needy and most bereft among us -- so that those who are moved to donate have the opportunity to do so. Often the bell ringers are people who desperately need to make a little extra money during the Christmas season.

And how pathetic that Target is willing to obtain a "distraction-free shopping experience" for its customers at the cost of doing what's right -- Heaven forbid that anyone be "distracted" by the knowledge that there are those in need during the Christmas season; how much better for all of us simply to concentrate on ourselves (and on filling Target's coffers).

There will be snowball fights in hell before I darken the door of a Target store again.


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