Carol Platt Liebau: Et tu, Safeway and Mervyns?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Et tu, Safeway and Mervyns?

Sadly, Target does not stand alone as the Scrooge retailer who has evicted the Salvation Army from its property. Safeway -- which operates Vons and Vons Pavilions in Southern California -- and Mervyns have done the same thing, along with Kimco Realty, which operates shopping centers primarily on the east coast. Read the shameful details here.

As the headline in the linked article notes, the Salvation Army is likely to be hit hard by these unconscionable bans.

Please, please let your voice be heard. Safeway has no email address where comments can be sent, but they do have a toll free number:


Ironically, on their "contact" page, there's a little ad that announces "Safeway Cares". Right.

To contact the Scrooges at Mervyn's, click here -- or else call them toll free at


Don't forget to be polite -- remember, they (not we) are the bad guys here.

And I will not shop at Vons -- How's or Ralph's will do just fine, thank you. Same goes for Mervyn's. Through their incomprehensible selfishness, they are depriving the poorest and most lost of the comfort provided by the Salvation Army.

Please help take up the slack. Donate to the wonderful "Army of Compassion" here.


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