Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So now it appears that Christine Gregoire has taken the lead in the race for the Washington Governorship, thanks to a bunch of fortuitously "discovered" ballots that just "happened" to turn up in heavily Democratic King County.

Why is it that Democrats always seem to be the beneficiaries of these lucky breaks? And that they keep demanding (and paying for) recounts until a favorable result is obtained?

Whether the challenger were Democrat or Republican, though, one thing is clear: These recontested, recounted, rechallenged elections are bad for a democracy. There is a reason that we should have election procedures and that they should be strictly adhered to: Otherwise, standoffs like the one in Washington occur -- a result that is bad for any democratic republic, and which creates precedents that could come back to trouble ALL Americans later on.


Blogger jchess said...

This latest antic by the Democrats, aided by the Mainstream News Media, goes to show, again, what the basic intent of the Dems is: Screw Democracy and the Democratic process. Litigate to get what you want, and screw the will of the people.

What I would like to know is: How it is the Republican candidate can win the first two re-counts and this hand job goes to the Dems? Something is wrong in Hooterville and the Mainstream News Media refuses to ask relevant questions.

11:45 AM  

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