Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sitting in for Al Rantel tonight on KABC, I enjoyed an interesting conversation with polemicist and provocateur David Horowitz, author of the new book Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, wherein Mr. Horowitz discusses the unsettling congruence of views between the America-hating left and America-hating Islamofascists.

There was also a lively conversation about an article in "Broadcasting and Cable" (by subscription only) about the Council on American-Islamic Relations' protest over the January 9th premiere of the Fox drama "24' and its depiction of a Muslim family as terrorists. Here was the question: Is this political correctness run amuck, or a well-justified concern on the part of CAIR?

My own views are as follows: There is never any place in America or among people of good will for bigotry of any kind, whether based on race, religion, ethnicity or anything else. But "24" is a drama, and to be compelling, it needs some element of reality. The sad truth is that, for the American public, Islamic terrorism is perceived as our #1 threat. For that reason, it will constitute the most gripping drama and is "fair game" for the creative community, so long as all Muslims (many of whom are patriotic, law-abiding Americans) aren't recklessly stained with the stigma of terrorism.

CAIR, which does little more than try to stir up hysteria about alleged anti-Muslim hatred, would do much more for those it purports to represent by directing its focus to more productive areas. And while this debate may seem unimportant, if deceptive bullies like CAIR are allowed to foist their politically correct agendas on American society at large, pretty soon the TSA will be afraid to challenge young Arab men in the airport, and will instead concentrate on searching 2 year olds and 80 year old Norwegian grandmothers. Oh, wait, that's already happening . . .

Finally, an article definitely worth reading is Victor Davis Hanson's defense of Donald Rumsfeld -- explaining why all of us are so lucky to have him exactly where he is.


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