Carol Platt Liebau

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Predictably, this article in The Los Angeles Times is designed to make the members of Concerned Women for America sound like wackos. They're not -- but of course the Times, absorbed in its agenda journalism, does its best.

Where, may I ask, is any quote from fellow conservative activists to put CWA's activities in context? Can't find it . . . but there are the de rigeur allusions to sexual issues that are always prominently featured in liberals' discussions about conservative women, in particular. It's not really that relevant that CWA's founder co-authored a book on sex with her husband, or that the group is outspokenly opposed to the movie "Kinsey" (and good for them -- he was willing to befriend and work with pedophiles). No, here's the real agenda: Mentioning sex-related issues or controversies in an article about conservative women is a subtle way of reinforcing the bias that chastity=repression and feeding the inaccurate stereotype that conservatives are prudes.

It's a sad commentary on "journalism" at the Times when the most complimentary quote about the organization has to come from its longtime adversary, Kim Gandy of National Abortion Rights Action League. I quite agree with her -- the group is "very conservative" . . . but note to all the "enlightened" editors downtime: That's not a bad thing.


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