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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Many thanks to the Rev. Canon Marvin Gardner, PhD. for taking the time to join us on KABC to discuss this Reuters piece: "Faiths Ask of Quake: Why Did You Do This, God?" Although the discussion is almost impossible to encapsulate briefly, speaking from the Christian tradition, Dr. Gardner emphasized the conviction that God does not "cause" bad things to happen (and indeed, Christians believe that He often works miracles to avert, prevent or cure them), nor is He indifferent to human suffering (otherwise, as Christians would reason, He would not have demonstrated His love by sending Jesus).

Among other comments, Dr. Gardner noted that there is a strong element of "free will" in our decision about matters like how to interpret the "meaning" of the tsunami, and that it can be viewed not just as an occasion of human suffering, but rather as an opportunity for the demonstration of compassion and caring, as we've seen through the outpouring of worldwide generosity -- and even an occasion of international harmony and cooperation. Certainly, tragedies like the tsunami raise terribly difficult theological questions, and it was good of Dr. Gardner to offer some basic analysis on how they can be reconciled with a robust and consistent faith in the love of God.

One more story to watch? Washington State's gubernatorial election. Democrat Christine Gregoire -- having lost the original tally and the machine recount -- somehow managed to find victory, thanks to some late-discovered votes in a heavily Democratic county, and a statewide recount by hand, subsidized by the state Democratic Party. Read about it here.

Her opponent, Dino Rossi, is understandably disappointed. Something definitely smells rotten -- and the Democratic shenanigans are completely consistent with that party's history of funny business when it comes to close elections. Think of JFK in 1960; Lyndon Johnson's Senate election in 1948 -- there, "new" ballots also were found; Al Gore's reluctance to count military ballots; Bill Clinton's "Chinese connection" in 1996; etc., etc. (For more on that topic, read Hugh Hewitt's excellent "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It").

But Rossi has called for an entirely new election -- which isn't the answer, either. Redo's would create a dangerous precedent, allowing for the stoking of intense partisan passions, and providing the "near occasion" for cheating, given that all parties would know of the high stakes. In addition, there must come a time when a close election is over -- and it might as well be on the first ballot as the second. If there is clear evidence of election fraud, Rossi should prosecute it vigorously. Otherwise, he shouldn't undermine the fragile trust in the electoral process that allows a democracy to function -- and should start raising money with which to take out Senator Maria Cantwell in 2006.


Blogger Hermes1LA said...

God loves us. God shows his love by being patient. By not returning now, He allows us to chose him now. Or maybe Tomorrow. Well, maybe the day after tomorrow. We don't know when. The Scriptcure says, He will come like a thief when nobody expects Him.

When His Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, returns again, it will be too late. Therefore, one can argue that the collossal loss that the people suffered as a result of the tsunamis, reminds us about our mortality and poses the eternal question where we should spend the eternity - with God or away from God.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Alexander said...

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10:33 AM  
Blogger Alexander said...

Going to have to respectfully disagree on the Washington State Re-vote.
Dino Rossi won 32 of 39 counties. King County (read Seattle) went for Gregoire. The fraud and incompetence in handling the election, the ballots, voter registration, the recounts and the overall process in King County is stunning.
The courts or the Legislature is not where this election should be decided.
Let the people decide - IN AN HONEST AND FAIR ELECTION

Sorry about the mistake in the earlier post. I initially said that Dino Rossi had won 38 of 39 counties. It was actually 32 of 39. I deleted the previous comment and changed it above. Sorry for the inaccuracy!

12:19 PM  

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