Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tony Blankley has an amazing piece about the anti-religious vitriol being voiced in some very reputable corners of the Democratic Party.

Quite rightly, he contrasts the reaction this time to Republicans' in 1964. Although I was not alive at the time, my mother was a Goldwater Girl, and I have heard her talk about the deep disappointment of the day after Election Day 1964. But there were never any aspersions on the good will or intelligence of the people who (wrongly, in my opinion) returned Lyndon Johnson to The White House.

This year, almost everyone with common sense on either side at least considered at some point that his/her candidate would lose. In my mind, it seemed clear that if John Kerry won, it would be because too many in the American electorate were -- understandably but regrettably -- afraid of the tough road that might come with four more years of Bush, and seeking a short-sighted but nonetheless comprehensible short cut to an unattainable "peace." Not because they were evil, bigoted or hate-filled.

And to all the secularists in Manhattan moaning about the backward Red States, where exactly did a lot of those post-9/11 volunteers, extra firemen and firetrucks, water, food, support and comfort come from?


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