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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Back & Better than Ever!

Sorry about the days away . . . there's lots to catch up on.

This is a gloat-free zone -- no doubt about it -- but it is nonetheless entertaining to watch the orgy of liberal grief over the re-election of President Bush. Some liberals in New York are taking up bocce and hoping against hope that the country will have trouble so that they can say "I told you so" (the essence of patriotism, that).

Michael Kinsley tries desperately to assert that he's humble, but there's a problem: He sounds, well, arrogant doing so. He thinks conservatives are more arrogant than liberals are -- liberals don't want to make conservatives enter same sex marriages, but conservatives want to keep homosexuals from doing so, for example.

Wonder how Kinsley would feel about conservatives using that argument about the environment -- we're not saying you have to pollute yourself, Michael, just don't stop us from doing it. Again, liberals don't get it: Cultural issues are like the environment in that we're all breathing the same air, whether literally or metaphorically.

The Dems are trying to figure out what went wrong. Look here and here. MoDo is amusingly bitter. (So what's new there? Well, the fact that it's "amusing").

Pull up a chair and pop up the corn. I'm loving this.


Blogger Marcello said...

1 third of the people that voted for Bush tought that before going to war in Iraq it was a sure thing that Al Queda had links with Saddam Hussein;another third thought that most of the other countries in the world approved the invasion of Iraq;the last third thought that weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq.What do you think about that?
PEACE!(From Rome)

7:11 AM  
Blogger David said...

"Michael Kinsley tries desperately to assert that he's humble..."

Well, I _had_ heard that an arm of the LLMB (Loony Left Moonbat Brigade)/MMPA (Mass Media Podpeople's Army) coalition gave him an award for humility, but some darned rational person took it away from him when he hung it on the wall...

10:47 AM  

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