Carol Platt Liebau

Monday, October 11, 2004

On the campaign trail in Texas, Mrs. Kerry let loose with this little gem: “John would never send our boys and girls in uniform to war over the need and greed for oil,” Kerry stated.

A couple of comments about this ridiculous remark:

(1) Does Mrs. Kerry believe our young men and women are in Iraq fighting because of the "need and greed" for oil? Does her husband? Do they think the war is about oil, or terrorism?

(2) The liberal mantra "No blood for oil" is as ignorant as it is tiresome. First, that's not what the war is about. Second, earth to the left: How exactly do they think this economy runs? Without oil, it shuts down. Goods can't be transported, machines can't manufacture, goods can't be as easily or inexpensively made or transported, prices go up, people can't pay so they go without, and those who sell or produce lose their jobs. Surely even a liberal economist can understand why this would be a problem.

Doing without oil doesn't just mean that we all begin to bicycle to pick up children at school, do the grocery shopping, and take clothes to the cleaner. It means that jobs disappear, people can't pay their bills, and the economy crashes.

If Mrs. Kerry is so appalled by the "need and greed for oil," perhaps she might consider selling the private jet and getting rid of a house or two!?


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