Carol Platt Liebau: Kerry Calls <i>This</I> "Diplomacy"?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kerry Calls This "Diplomacy"?

First the Poles, now the Italians. Is John Kerry trying to insult every country in our coalition? First he forgets to pay tribute to the sacrifices of Polish soldiers in Iraq, earning him a well-deserved slapdown from Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski (see here).

Now in Alexandra Pelosi's follow-up documentary to "Journeys with George" (this one's called "Diary of a Political Tourist") she records Kerry coming out with this little gem in someone's living room around the time of the primaries: "The Iraqi Army is in such bad shape now that even the Italians could kick their ass." Kerry then is cut down to size by an offended listener.

The funny thing is that Kerry came out with virtually the identical comment before, back in 1997 (read Jeff Jacoby's Boston Globe column on it here). Jacoby reports that Massachusetts state auditor, Joseph DeNucci, was not amused. And yet Kerry used the same joke again in 2003?!

One would hardly expect the Democratic daughter of the House Minority Leader to include such unflattering footage -- but note the last name. Hmmm -- could she be Italian?

How many more Italians, Poles and others will the self-proclaimed "diplomat" alienate?


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