Carol Platt Liebau

Sunday, October 17, 2004

From a story in the Boston Globe, how revealing this comment is: At one point last winter, Kerry once said he could "dumb down" his language, speak more plainly . . .

It reminds me a little of that precious Kerry moment in last week's New York Times Magazine. Author Matt Bai wrote, in reference to the fact that many voters didn't think Kerry had made his plans for the country clear, that "what I heard from some of [Kerry's campaign advisors] in response was that Kerry's theories on global affairs were just too complex for the electorate . . . " (emphasis added).

Why should Americans vote for someone (1) who is firmly convinced they are stupid; and (2) who equates plain speaking with stupidity? It's just a formula for four years of condescension -- when Kerry deigns to speak with the public at all. We're electing a president here, not a monarch . . .


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