Carol Platt Liebau: What's So Wrong with "Corporate" Law?

Monday, February 04, 2008

What's So Wrong with "Corporate" Law?

Big surprise -- Hillary Clinton's career is less "high minded" and public-spirited than she'd like voters to think. Who could have imagined? A Clinton shading the truth for political gain?!

What does bear comment, however, is the tone of the story pertaining to Clinton (and, briefly, Obama's) representation of corporate interests. It seems to take as a given the leftist premise that all such work is unworthy and outside the public interest.

Since when did representation of corporations -- often, engines of social wealth and shareholder wealth -- become something to be ashamed of? No doubt had Hillary Clinton represented a host of criminals as a public defender, she'd be bragging about it. We already have heard plenty about her service for the Legal Services Corp., ostensibly created to provide civil legal services to the poor, but in reality, too often an engine for advancing radical policies through the courts.

What does it say about a candidate -- and our society -- that so many deem representing respectable, law-abiding corporations to be a less worthy professional pursuit than representing killers and rapists?


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