Carol Platt Liebau: Kettle, Meet Pot

Monday, December 03, 2007

Kettle, Meet Pot

Now Hillary Clinton is criticizing Barack Obama for his supposed duplicity about how long he's wanted to be President.

Granted, there's no evidence that Hillary was telling her kindergarten teacher that she wanted to be President. Instead, there was only the alleged eight-years-of-Bill-eight-years-of-Hillary scheme dating publicly from 1992. But given both Clintons' struggle with the truth, it's hard to understand why she would open up a can of worms by accusing someone else of being duplicitious.

And even if Barack did say he wanted to be President when he was in kindergarten, what of it? How many children say that and turn out to be lawyers, firemen or plumbers? The only difference in his case is that he's actually got a shot -- so good for him.

It was clear to me when I knew him that he had his sights set far above the confines of the Harvard Law Review or a corporate law firm. Why not? But whether he was planning to be a senator, or a secretary of state, or a president wasn't clear. The ambition could have been formed the night he won his US Senate seat.

Hillary needs to be careful with stuff like this. Not only does it sound petty, it calls to mind the truism that people tend to object most to the attributes in others -- here, duplicity, perhaps, ambition certainly -- that they themselves have.


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